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laboratories Saint-Ambroise

Established in Steinbourg, in the North of Alsace, we are located in the heart of Europe. We benefit at the same time from a close to nature and from excellent logistics.
Our distibution netwok allows us to cover the whole french territory and many export countries.

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Food supplements


  • Extracted in mead (honey wine), in alcohol, glycerine
  • Hard Gelatine and vegetal capsules (plants and other raw material)
  • Softgel Capsules
  • Lacto-fermented products (potatoes, millet, papaya, pollen, cereals, oat)
  • Germinating seeds: wheat, barley, spelt, lentil, alfalfa, rye, red clover
  • Ozonised products (oil external, lotion, oil in capsules internal)
  • Lyophilised products (Quail eggs, colostrums and goat milk, mare milk)
  • Meal Substitute, hydrolysed proteins




Lotions, creams, milks, masks, shampoos, gels, etc